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The design of your site is extremely important to not only you but your customers. I like to create a clean, easy to navigate, and sweet looking. I use three methods of web design:
1) Standard HTML XHTML design using Dreamweaver
2) Wordpress to build the site from blog platform
3) Use Zen Cart for any shopping cart sites.

I have access to thousands of templates that can be modified to fit your needs. My motto is "100% satisfaction work for you?"


web management
site management to your liking

Keeping your site up to date is very important to you and your customers. For HTML and XHTML design I recommend purchasing Adobe Contibute. For Wordpress sites, Wordpress is an online program that allows complete management and customization of the webiste. Zen Cart is a free shopping cart that can be managed from accessing the web management program over the internet.

I offer the tools and experience to train you in managing your website or I can manage your website for you.


Making websites affordable

Give me a call and we can work out a quote. I generally quote most projects in the $500 to $1,000 range. I understand that the economy is rough and I am willing to work with you to meet your goals.

I also offer hosting through Smitty Domains. When we talk about your site I can give you a discount code to get you a great deal.


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I take great pride in creating your website. I can create it from scratch or utlize templates from a company called Dream Template. As a member I have access to all their templates. If are interested in becoming a member of Dream Template, click on the link below.

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